White Rose Artificial Plant With Basic White Pot || 90cm Height

Original price was: ₹4,500.00.Current price is: ₹2,661.00.

Experience the grace of  Enutrof’s artificial white rose plant without the upkeep. These artificial white rose plant infuse your surroundings with a sense of refinement and poise and also artificial white rose tree creates an atmosphere of subtle beauty that resonates with various styles and themes.

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  • white rose plant, Artificial white rose plant

    White Rose Artificial Plant With Basic White Pot || 90cm Height

    Original price was: ₹4,500.00.Current price is: ₹2,661.00.

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      white rose plant, Artificial white rose plant

      White Rose Artificial Plant With Basic White Pot || 90cm Height

      Original price was: ₹4,500.00.Current price is: ₹2,661.00.

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      White Rose Artificial Plant

      Enutrof Presenting White Rose artificial plants are meticulously crafted replicas that capture the timeless beauty and romance of real rose flowers. These lifelike creations offer the elegance and charm of roses without the maintenance demands of live plants.

      Inspired by the purity and grace of real white roses, our meticulously crafted artificial plants offer an everlasting touch of elegance to your space.Our White Rose Artificial Plants capture the delicate essence of white rose petals with unparalleled precision. Crafted using premium materials such as silk and plastic, each petal is carefully designed to mirror the natural texture and intricacies of genuine white rose blooms.he pristine white color of our artificial plants echoes the timeless appeal of fresh white roses. From ivory to snow white, the shades are thoughtfully chosen to replicate the serene and pure beauty of these iconic flowers, elevating your surroundings with an air of sophistication. Gently run your fingers across the textured petals of our artificial plants to experience the tactile richness that defines white rose blooms. The meticulous attention to detail adds depth and authenticity, providing a sensory experience that emulates the touch of real petals.Unlike living white rose plants that demand consistent care, our artificial replicas offer the luxury of white rose aesthetics without the need for sunlight, water, or pruning. They maintain their delicate allure over time, ensuring a lasting impact without any effort.Whether gracing a romantic occasion or becoming a serene presence in your decor, our White Rose Artificial Plants adapt effortlessly to various settings. From weddings to home interiors, they create an ambiance of timeless sophistication.The enduring symbolism of white roses is encapsulated in our artificial plants. Whether representing purity, love, or reverence, these replicas bring forth the sentimental value of white roses, making them perfect for heartfelt gestures and expressions.Indulge in the elegance of white roses without the constraints of maintenance. Embrace the beauty and sentiment of our White Rose Artificial Plants, and let their lifelike presence infuse your space with enduring elegance and serenity.

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      Weight 530 g
      Dimensions 90 × 13 cm



      Pure White



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